TSIS Favorites shallou And Kasbo Team Up For Stunning Chilled Out Single “Find” Ft. Cody Lovaas

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If you needed some feel-good vibes in your life today, we have the perfect song for you. TSIS favorites Kasbo and shallou have teamed up with vocalist Cody Lovaas for a stunning original track “Find”. Both artists are releasing amazing tunes left and right, with shallou dropping a dreamy single “Lie” ft. RIAH just last month and Kasbo recently releasing two beautiful singles and a music video off of his upcoming debut album Places We Don’t Know due next month.

The two talented producers have now channeled their creative forces into a single that displays the best from each of their production styles. “Find” begins on an inquisitive note, with two gentle chimes, a soothing “hmm” from Cody, and a warm sub-bass sweep that hints at the fullness of the track to come. As each musical element grows into its own space the track develops into a subtly complex and endlessly soothing soundscape. The production, structure, and vocals all stand out in their own way. The two artists' production styles prove to be a perfect match on this beautiful new song.

If you loved this track you can catch shallou this weekend at TSIS’s Endless Vibes Beach Party at Okeechobee Music + Arts Festival, or Kasbo on his upcoming North American Tour. Enjoy!

shallou, Kasbo & Cody Lavaas – Find