Rising Producer Shallou Impresses On Dreamy New Single “You and Me”


Chicago native, and LA-based artist Shallou is back with his uplifting new single “You and Me”. The rising artist has been all over TSIS this year with a remix, being remixed and his ‘All Becomes Okay’ EP. Shallou, who has been perking ears with both his production and vocal capabilities, delivers yet another excellent release combining airy vocals, ambient textures and dance-driven rhythms. 

“You and Me” exerts an atmospheric tone immediately with a hypnotizing repetitive tone combined with a captivating synth melody and soft bells. Next, Shallou’s gentle vocal performance is introduced which transitions the track into an angelic break involving a radiant vocal chop. The songs’ next and final form is filled with bouncy synths, danceable percussion and enticing handclaps. Shallou makes a statement about his songwriting ability as “You and Me” smoothly transitions into each of its many layers… Enjoy!

Shallou – You and Me