Shaq Aka DJ Deisel Joins Hot Ones For Spicy Interview

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Hot Ones has done it again. The interview series never fails to have some of the most entertaining interviews and has gotten maybe their most ambitious one yet. Shaquille O’Neal aka Shaq aka DJ Diesel has graced the interview series with his presence. He’s set to hit Miami with Shaq’s fun house on March 29 and you don’t want to miss if if you’re there

Right off the bat it’s hilarious. He kicks things off saying he doesnt trust the host Sean Evans that he doesn’t trust him and brought his own milk and doesn’t eat spicy food. He was determined to not make a face while eating spicy wings, and it was hilarious.

Shaq talks shattering his first backboard, his respect for Kobe, being the only NBA player to get a major label deal, going platinum as a rapper, his financial investments, dropping $67k at Wallmart, missing opportunities to sign N*SYNC and Backstreet Boys, being a police deputy and more. This is one of the most incredible and hilarious Hot Ones yet as Shaq is like a big kid out there. Enjoy!