Shaq Wants to Set The Guinness World Record for Biggest Mosh Pit at Lost Lands


Shaq has already made a serious DJ career for himself as a dubstep phenomenon, DJ DIESEL. Now, however, he’s trying to write himself into the history books, literally. On Twitter last night, Shaq asked his followers if they were up for trying to set a Guinness World Record for the biggest mosh pit ever. And where else would this world record attempt take place other than one of the country’s biggest dubstep congregations, Lost Lands?

From our research, it appears that the biggest mosh pit (or circle pit) ever was created in 2007, when the band DevilDriver attempted the world record at Download Festival with 25,000 fans. Unfortunately, Guinness rejected the attempt as it was too difficult to verify how many were actually participating.

We’ll keep you updated on this very important matter to see if Shaq does actually go forward and get the whole festival to participate in the biggest mosh pit ever.

Lost Lands is set to take place in just a couple of weeks on September 23-25. You can still snag tickets here.

Should we go for Guinness world record for biggest moshpit at @lost_lands ???

— DJ Diesel (@djdiesel) September 13, 2022