Sharlitz Web Explores Mental Health on New ‘Plexured Minds’ EP

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With her captivating image and banging beats to match, the web-slinging rising artist, Sharlitz Web, has continued to win over the bass scene time and time again. Today, she returns to the WAKAAN stage to explore topics of mental health with her newest, and arguably most impressive EP yet, Plexured Minds.

Sharlitz Web puts her listener under a hypnotic spell, as they take an entrancing, bass-led journey through the course of Plexured Minds. Tight drums coalesce with buzzy bass stabs, as ambient vocal samples fill the spaces in between. “Entangled” stands out with its unique, rhythmic drop, leading directly into “Stay,” to shake the vibe up with its more optimistic tone.

Sharlitz Web delves deep into the meaning of the EP, sharing:

This EP, for me, is about mental health and being open to the spiritual lessons that life throws at you. Plexured Minds is the dark playground of my own mind. It interweaves endless amounts of realities as ‘Plexure’ means, ‘The act or process of weaving together, or interweaving.’ As I stepped deeper into this dark playground I started to feel this shadow entity of sorts breaking down my mental web as the negative feelings overtook me. This was new and unfamiliar to me but like a spider, if something ruins their web, they work on it to make it better. I sat with this shadow self and slowly started to see the light in what was going on. I had to bring some of the unwanted parts to the surface and integrate it into myself. I started interweaving my thoughts and shedding old skins of mine off like a spider would when they molt. The freedom that I felt from outgrowing this negativity and ‘re-webbing’ the inner-workings of my mind in order for me to continue existing has been very powerful. I’m eternally grateful for this experience and the ability to share it with the world.

You can stream Plexured Minds at the link below, out everywhere via WAKAAN. Enjoy!

Sharlitz Web – Plexured Minds EP