INTERVIEW | Ship Wrek Unleash Immaculate Debut House EP ‘Mirror Mirror’

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Ship Wrek are undoubtedly one of the fastest growing acts in electronic music. Having risen to prominence in 2019 with the release of their massive single “Soul“, today the duo have opened up the next chapter of their career via their debut Mirror Mirror EP.

It seems this latest offering has been a long time coming for these two incredibly talented producers. Having garnered attention from industry giants early after they burst onto the scene as a newly formed pairing towards the end of 2018, today they’ve come full circle with this triumphant first EP!

Packed with inspiration from all over the electronic music spectrum, Ship Wrek have achieved an incredibly infectious sound from their surely countless hours in the studio. With a barrage of club-focused bangers, including previously released tracks “Bloodstream” & “Danger” + a fresh collab with Dillon Francis – Mirror Mirror will have you dancing all the way into festival season.

Stream the new EP and read our full interview with the dynamic duo below. Enjoy!

Ship Wrek – Mirror Mirror EP

Last we talked was at the start of 2019 when “Soul” was just set to drop. If you can think back to the mindset you had before that Dillon Francis cosign – how, if at all, have your goals evolved in the past year?

Collin: Before we even announced working together we sat down for like six months and figured out what we wanted to do, the sound we wanted and the strategy behind it. Once “Soul” came out we really saw a jump in the progress and that’s how we got connected with Dillon.

Tripp: It was like a dream honestly. He’s one of the most chill dudes ever…it’s really cool to become friends with him after looking up to him for the longest time.

Ship Wrek was doing pretty well in the future bass realm. What made you want to switch to producing house music?

Collin: I didn’t really start producing house music till I moved out to LA after highschool. I started going to these late night techno parties that would go till the sun came up. These parties weren’t even allowed to happen… it just felt really real and not commercialized. That kind of brought back my love for electronic music in general. Tripp and I started talking and we both just really like house music and it was easy to sort of find our sound pretty quickly.

Tripp: Yeah I was previously in the bass-music world doing hybrid trap and dubstep and I was kind of looking for a change as well. It was really a blessing to learn sound design early on and really infuse that into our stuff now

How do y’all split up the production workload? Do you always work on music together physically or is there a lot of sending project files back and forth?

Collin: Well we live together so we both have our own rooms and our own “studios”, you know? We’re both big into just sitting on the couch with our headphones in, producing, so normally we’ll start ideas separately and pass it off to the other person once it’s ready to be finished. We know each other really well so it’s a great workflow.

Tripp: Yeah, exactly.

Is there a certain track or moment on Mirror Mirror EP that you’re most proud of?

Tripp: I’d say either “Mirror Mirror” & “It’s My House”. Our friend Paulina came over one late night and we were messing around and just trying to get some cool vocals on some weird instrumental we had.

Collin: Yeah when we wrote those lyrics (for “Mirror Mirror”), it was a Friday night and we were already planning to go out to the club or whatever and that’s kind of where some of the vocal ideas came from. But when we wrote them and actually laid them down we just couldn’t stop playing them over and over. We were like screaming in the house just so excited! It just felt so different and so fresh. It’s one of those moments in music where…that’s just what we live for you know?

Tripp: When we found out the collab with Dillon was going to be on the EP that was really exciting too. And some of the tracks, like “Danger”, we didn’t even expect to have on the EP, that one’s been sitting around for like, a year now.

Do y’all approach production differently when you’re making something very 4 on the floor focused vs. lighter stuff like “Make It Last” & “Wait For You”?

Tripp: I think there’s definitely a mindset going into it. I think it’s either we want something that really hits the dancefloor hard, or like with “Make It Last” we were going for something that was more vibey and listenable.

Collin: We try to put thought behind everything and just make everything a song. I feel like a lot of really talented producers think that they should just make stuff that’ll really bang in the club and for sure that’s cool but…i don’t know. We have concepts around everything too so that everything will feel more cohesive than “put your hands up, 3-2-1 jump”.

What would you say is the most exciting thing about Ship Wrek is in 2020? What about it is personally fun and exciting for you?

Tripp: We’ve got some really big collaborations coming out that are really exciting. With people we’ve been looking up to for years…we just got to finish them up! Also really excited to hit the festival circuit, that’s been a huge goal for us

Collin: Yeah the collabs are really exciting. I think one thing that I find really exciting about the project is that I feel really confident nowadays when we go into these sessions and we work with a lot of these producers cause we’re very adept in production. Knowing our stuff and being really confident in our production is a great feeling working on collabs. As long as we get a good vibe going it’s really easy for us to work with people and work on tracks.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when your debut EP drops? Do you plan on partying it up or going straight back into the studio?

Collin: I think both?

Tripp: Yeah why not both?

Collin: Oh wait we have a flight! Yeah we’ll be dropping the project and then just getting on a plane…

Tripp: Oh that’s true…haha classic.