Shlohmo Delves Into A Lo-Fi Dystopia With ‘Heaven Inc.’ New EP

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Long known for his experimental takes on shoegaze, R&B, doom metal, screw, acid, and IDM, L.A. based musician Shlohmo has left quite an imprint on the electronic music scene over the course of his career. Although we might know him best locally from his appearance at our own Boiler Room in 2017 (where he played a lot of trap), he’s back with a new EP that pushes the envelope even further into experimental/avant garde territory.

With his new four-track EP Heaven Inc. the WeDidIt label boss dives down a dystopian rabbit hole from which listeners will find it tough to emerge without wanting more. The thundering percussion normally present on his work is a bit more muted here, which lends tremendously to the ominous tone of the whole EP. Combine that with the metallic synths and jangling guitar chords, and it provides a soundscape that very much matches the hazy orange sunsets that we’ve been experiencing of late. It’s an oddly appropriate yet pleasurable undertaking, and everyone should take note.

Below is a link to the EP. Enjoy!

Shlohmo – Heaven Inc.