Shlohmo Delivers Hauntingly Beautiful Music For Third Studio Album ‘The End’

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We’ve been looking forward to the drop of Shlohmo’s new album ever since we heard the first single. The End is officially available to the public today. It’s the third studio album by the LA native, and it may be our favorite project by him.

The first thing we noticed about this album was the naming of the tracks. With titles like “Hopeless,” “Rock Music,” “Eating Away,” and “Staring at a Wall,” we knew we were in store for some of Shlohmo’s signature gloomy sounds, but he offers up so much more than just that here.

The End is hauntingly beautiful with instrumentation that’s as good as the production. There’s dark bangers like “The End,” and emotive ballads like “Headache of the Year,” all while remaining in Shlohmo’s somber realm. We’re even getting some Radiohead vibes on this album. 

Stream the full album below and enjoy!

Shlohmo – The End