Montreal’s Sidechick Serves Up a Crunchy Trap Snack with “Ooga Booga”


Coming from Montreal, emerging artist Sidechick prides himself on being a goofball and letting his playful personality shine through in his production. The bass musician is known to go crazy with wonky sound design, and he didn’t disappoint on his latest release. “Ooga Booga” came out on Friday and is an absolutely loony trap tune. 

Sidechick starts this one off with commanding percussion that just continues to build and get crunchier. As it drops he introduces chopped-up, funky vocal cuts that send twist your face up in every which way. There are flittering synths and an enigmatic chord progression in the bridge, and then it’s right back to beast mode. It’s like he threw all the bleeps and bloops possible into a pot and made a big bowl of bass stew. 

You can listen to the track below. Enjoy!

Sidechick – Oogabooga