SIDEPIECE Debut Irresistibly Warm Summer Dance Anthem “I NEED U”

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Summer is our favorite time of the year – and not just for the weather. Every artist seems to save their best releases for this time of year. SIDEPIECE (aka Party Favor and NITTI) are the latest to debut their summer anthem, with today’s release of “I NEED U.”

Featuring an infectious vocal performance from ZOI, “I NEED U” was made for the dance floor. With its four-on-the-floor beat and sunny piano chord progression, this track exudes warmth and euphoria. The bumping bass line and tropical synth textures on the chorus solidifies this song’s status as a banger. If you close your eyes while listening to this tune, it’s easy to imagine yourself being whisked away to a tropical island.

You can check out “I NEED U” below. Enjoy!