SKisM – Experts (Music Video) : Internet Troll Battles Skrillex and Dubstep Experts


Huge round of applause goes out to SKisM for originality on his latest music video for "Experts".  This video shows the life of an internet troll, trolling YouTube, leaving rude comments on dubstep songs.. and then he gets sucked right into the computer, into the land of the dubstep experts. In this land he sees all the dubstep experts in SKisM's eyes. He sees Skrillex and the dark monster that was in the "First of the Year" music video, then he see Zomboy and his zombies, then what looks like dark version of Eptic's robot, and then there is also Excision's T-Rexision. Then lastly guy that appears to be SKiSM mans the ship of a spider robot and blasts the troll away. An epic music video that could potentially create teach trolls a lesson.. or just make them 10x worse. The song is available through Beatport. Either way, enjoy!

SKisM – Experts | Purchase through Beatport