Skizzy Mars Drops Off Indie Hip-Hop Single “I’m Ready” ft. Olivver The Kid (Music Video)

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Skizzy Mars has been steady killing it while on his Alone Together tour in anticipation of his upcoming album of the same name. Just the other day he offered a guest verse for the strange new stand-out lil aaron on "TBH" and his own original "Magic" featuring frequent collaborator Phoebe Ryan before that. 

As Alone Together looms overhead – slated for a April 8 release – Young Skizz employs The Neighbourhood's ex-drummer turned solo act Olivver The Kid to deliver a fresh new song and music video to go with it. "I'm Ready" is a nostalgic ode to the ladies in each artist's life. Olivver The Kid perfectly compliments the track with his indie vibes while Skizzy offers up some of his best bars we've heard in a while. Delivering his signature down-to-earth lines, Skizzy hits us with a string of lines illustrating he and his lady friend "vintage tees and dirty vans" and "we used to blast Ratatat in your dad's black Cadillac." Watch/listen to the vibe filled new single "I'm Ready" ahead of Alone Together's April 8th debut. Enjoy 

Skizzy Mars – I'm Ready ft. Olivver The Kid |