Skream Announces Dubstep Set for Coachella Weekend Two


Skream is not some DJ that can be pigeonholed into a single genre. After coming up as a dubstep pioneer in the mid-late 2000s, his sets nowadays consist of house, techno, garage, and disco. That’s what he’s been playing on his current tour, but that’s not what he’s going to play at Coachella this evening.

After being slotted on the Do LaB stage, in between Ivy Lab and The Glitch Mob, “it only makes sense” to play a dubstep set, he said. Last night, Skream took to a live video on Twitter to address the reaction to the announcement, which was overwhelmingly positive. He also mentioned that he had recently found an old drive with tons of unreleased music from revered dubstep producers like Mala and Benga.

“Please don’t make me fucking regret this decision,” he said with a grin while concluding the live video.

These dubstep sets from Skream are few and far between here in 2022, so Coachella is in for a treat.

Fuck it. It’s happening.
Coachella don’t make me regret this Hahahahhaa

— Oliver Jones (@I_Skream) April 21, 2022