Listen To Skream’s Surprising New Unreleased Dubstep Song After Publicly Stepping Away From the Genre

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If you know dubstep, then you know exactly how big this latest news is – as for the first time in over five years, Skream has a new dubstep track in the works.

Over a decade ago, dubstep was an entirely different entity. Before Skrillex began blowing sound systems and Excision started breaking necks, producers like Hatcha, Kode 9, Vex’d & more were bringing a heavy, bass-filled, gut-wrenching sound out of the shadows. But there are few whose names are still so controversial in dubstep as Skream.

“Dubstep is just a name now. It doesn’t have a meaning any more and the movement is over. It’s like the end of a relationship but it’s ended on a high.” – Skream via the Daily Star (2013)

To say we were shocked when Skream called it quits on dubstep would be an understatement. As someone so powerful and at the forefront of the movement, we had no idea what to expect from the Croydon-born producer’s full transition to house/disco, but having become such a prominent force in his new scene, it’s hard to argue that he made the wrong decision all those years ago (although we don’t feel it was a wrong choice). And with fans seemingly always stirring up arguments over the validity of dubstep vs. post-dubstep vs. brostep (and the hundreds of other sub-genres dubstep has become), although it might seem excessive to cast aside dubstep as being dead, there’s no denying that genre has changed since Skream’s iconic La Roux remix.

While we can’t say for sure what sparked Skream’s desire to return to the scene, we’re overjoyed to hear that the legend is serving up wobble bass yet again, even if only for the moment. Check out Hatcha dropping a new Skream track live at Outlook Festival below and enjoy!

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