Skrillex Discusses The Future Of Music With 100 Gecs In New Interview

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We gotta hand it to the folks over at PAPER Magazine for dishing out another great interview between two really talented artists. This series has come in celebration of Pride, and earlier this week we got to hear KAYTRANADA speak out on a few things. Today, Skrillex sat down with the explosive new omni-genre duo, 100 Gecs, and interviewed them about what’s going on in the world today and how it affects music.

Both Skrillex and 100 Gecs are at the forefront for definitive forward-thinking music. While 100 Gecs may be approaching from left field, each artist in this conversation heavily pushes the boundaries in some way. We love being able to access the minds of extremely creative people and unlock new perspectives. This interview dives into topics in a thoughtful way.

At one point, Laura of 100 Gecs talks about how they play the “Hamster Dance” song before their sets.

We’ve talked to a lot of people after shows and people say stuff like they don’t usually come to shows, they don’t feel comfortable going to shows a lot, but they’ll come to our show, get together and everybody fucking dances to “Hamster Dance” before the set starts. That shit’s amazing.

To check out the full interview, follow this link here to be sent over to PAPER.