Skrillex And Boys Noize Boost The Bass In “Midnight Hour” Remix

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Late in August, we were blessed with a new Skrillex and Boys Noize collaboration titled, “Midnight Hour.” The bass house banger featuring Ty Dolla $ign continued along the well-executed up tempo path taken by the two Dog Blood producers in their earlier 2019 EP, Turn Off The Lights. Well today, Skrillex and Boyz Noize have quietly released marvelously boosted “Midnight HourDub remix currently just on Beatport.

The first thing you’ll notice in this new and improved mix is an instant influx of energy.  Skrillex and Boyz Noize take their previously euphoric and bouncy track and spotlight its raw, high-powered ingredients by cranking up the bass and bringing a thundering and fully fortified four-on-the-floor percussion to the forefront.  Don’t worry, Ty Dolla $ign’s buttery vocals are still in full effect to guide you from drop to drop as only Ty can.  Skrillex and Boyz Noize took their track and reinforced it for the dance floor in all the right ways. Any bets on how long before this one is ringing through every club? Enjoy!

Listen + Download here.