Skrillex Appears To Be Entering Album Mode


He’s swerved every possible way of explicitly mentioning an album, but so far, everything Sonny More has been doing points to an upcoming Skrillex project.

In case you missed it, Skrillex dropped his first new single since 2019. It’s called “Butterflies,” and it’s a super-groovy genre blender that features none other than Four Tet and rising R&B star, Starrah. Prior to this release, Skrillex went through the typical motions of someone gearing up for a new rollout: clearing Instagram, posting cryptic messages on socials, and ultimately, dropping a new song.

This alone would be enough for people to safely speculate that something bigger is on the way, but there’s more.

If you check Skrillex’s bio on Spotify, you’ll notice that it’s been updated. While the new bio has his updated age and new collabs he’s worked on this past year, the most important bit is what comes at the very end:

Skrillex changed music and has been hard at work with a body of music made in Los Angeles and Japan over the past 3 years and will continue to shift the landscape of music. 

Yesterday, Skrillex appeared on Annie Mac’s radio show for an interview. When she asked him what the “bigger picture” was, Skrill responded by saying: “I have a lot of songs that I’m really excited to put out.” Check out this snippet from the interview:

We obviously can’t say Skrillex is preparing to drop an album until he announces it officially himself. All of this new information, however, points to him releasing new music this year. We’re predicting that it will come in the form of a new album, his first since 2014.