Listen To Skrillex & Four Tet’s Full B2B Set From 2019

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Skrillex and Four Tet may be some of the most forward thinking artists when it comes to electronic music. With both of them being on different sides of the musical spectrum when it comes to genres, we never would have anticipated them performing together. They have, though—multiple times.

None of the sets they played together have been recorded, except for their most recent one at a festival called The Warehouse Project in the UK. We stumbled across this recording and had to share it. These two threw down some wildly eclectic tunes for this power-hour of a set, and it’s most definitely worth a listen.

Four Tet was one of the remixers enlisted to take on Dog Blood’s “Midnight Hour” last December.

Check out this once-in-a-lifetime set between two musical geniuses below. Enjoy!