Skrillex – Bug Hunt (Noisia Remix) : Official Remix for Wreck-It Ralph Soundtrack

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Do you remember hearing a few months back when it was announced that Sonny More aka Skrillex had been recruited by Disney to score the official soundtrack to their newest animated film, Wreck-It Ralph? Well the movie just hit theaters, and with it the soundtrack has been released. Now instead of the whole soundtrack being filled with new Skrillex tunes like you may have been hoping like me, as it turns out it only features one  new one. It's Skrillex's new track "Bug Hunt" remixed by Noisia. It captures all the best parts of Skrillex, all while getting propelled by Noisia's brutal edge. You can purchase this song now through iTunes. Enjoy! P.S. Skrillex will be making a cameo in the film, so look out. (Above is what he allegedly will look like in the film)

Skrillex – Bug Hunt (Noisia Remix) | iTunes