Skrillex in Mexico, Mini-Film showing the most epic The End of the World party

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Skrillex went down to Mexico to celebrate the "end of the world" last year accompanied by some of his best friends 12th Planet, Zedd, Nadastorm and created "Skrillex in Mexico" to remember the historical occasion. They took over 4 cities Monterrey, Mexico City, Puebla and Guadalajara causing absolute chaos. The film follows the artists behind and during each show really letting rest of the world how passionate the Mexico EDM scene truly is. Also included is Skrillex and his friends truly epic end of the world dinner to celebrate what fate may have happened back on December 21st, 2012. lThe sound track contrasts between fittingly themed tradionatal Mexico music to bass heavy bangers really adding to the production. Overall it's a great film. Enjoy!

Skrillex in Mexico

 Full Skrillex in Mexico Soundtrack List:

Video Track-List

1. Elvis Crespo – "Suavemente (Kennedy Jones Remix)" – 00:00-00:30
2. Nadastrom & Skrillex – "!!!" – 02:12-02:50
3. Buena Vista Social Club – "Candela (Panama Cardoon Edit) – 02:58-03:40
4. Zedd – "Clarity (Torro Torro Remix) – 04:57-06:19
5. Yellow Claw – "Kaolo" – 09:07-09:52
6. Buraka Som Sistema – "Hangover (IllSkillz Remix)" – 10:02-10:44
7. Diplo – "Keep It Gully" – 11:07-13:01
8. Skrilex – "BugHunt" – 13:20-13:36
Credits – Jack Beats "Just a Beat" – 14:18-14:28