Skrillex is Putting The Finishing Touches on Fred again..’s New Album

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Fred again.. and Skrillex have been spending a lot of time together recently. The result of their newfound friendship can only result in amazing music. We’ve already gotten several snippets of what the two have been working on together, and there is more on the way.

In a recent post on his Instagram story, Fred Again snapped a photo of Skrillex on his laptop with the caption: “AL3 finals touches.” This can only mean that Skrillex is helping to make Fred’s next album, Actual Life 3, the best it can be. Fred isn’t typically someone who sits on unreleased music for too long, so hopefully, we get to hear the final product soon.

In 2021, we named Fred again’s albums Actual Life and Actual Life 2 as our favorite projects of the year.