Skrillex Leaks Highly Anticipated Remix of “Supersonic” on Reddit

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Skrillex fans on Reddit last night received the ultimate treat. After what seemed to be endless anticipation for his remix of josh pan and Dylan Brady‘s “Supersonic,” (along with Thys of Noisia) the superstar producer delivered a link to a free download of the track over at r/Skrillex.

This was a track that fans have been fiending over for over a year, and it’s easy to tell why. While Skrillex has been focusing on a flurry of mainstream collabs in the past year, the “Supersonic” remix marks a return to bass music. When Skrillex dives into his sound design skills, especially along Thys, the result is next level, and that’s exactly how we’d describe this track.

The haunting vocals from josh pan mix beautifully with the grimy sounds from Skrill and Thys. We’re elated that this track, that’s been teased since February 2020, is now out there for everyone to enjoy.

You can download the track for free at this link here, delivered by Skrillex himself.

UPDATE: The track has now been officially released, and so Skrillex has taken down the free download link. You can stream the track below. Enjoy!

Skrillex, Noisia, josh pan, Dylan Brady – Supersonic