Skrillex Produced Justin Bieber Song “Sorry” Is Released

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A couple months back news broke that Skrillex and Justin Bieber had follow up tracks in the works for their summer anthem "Where Are U Now?". This news came to a boiling point when Justin Bieber released the first single from his upcoming album "Purpose", "What Do You Mean?", a track that brought a dance music theme with a tropical twist. For a short while, many people including ourselves were informed that "What Do you Mean?" was in fact the first Skrillex collaboration we had been waiting for, only to find out that the next was coming.

Well today we get the REAL Skrieber collab with "Sorry", a tropical drum driven pop gem featuring some older signature synths from Skrillex with catchy voice chops and all. We expect to hear a more aggressive VIP from Skrillex himself, as we have seen potentially previewed on instagrams in recent days. For now, you can listen to the original below which comes complete with a corney dance video paired with it. 

Also below is the instagram of the VIP Skrillex has been previewing. Can we ever take Justin Bieber seriously?  Will he forever be a pop star, regardless of Skrillex behind him? Enjoy, and let us know what you guys think below.

Justin Bieber – Sorry (Prod. Skrillex & Blood Pop) | iTunes










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