Skrillex Released “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” 5 Years Ago Today

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Skrillex has become the global ambassador for all things heavy in dance music, with multiple Grammys won, countless sold-out world tours, and successful collaboration projects with Diplo on Jack U, and Boys Noize with Dog BloodNot to mention bridging gaps with genres outside of dance music, unexpected collaborations with A$AP Rocky, Justin Bieber, and many more, while creating his own eclectic taste making label OWLSA, paving the way for other artists on the rise.    

Before all of this though, 5 years ago today, Skrillex released his breakout EP Scary Monster And Nice Sprites.

Let's go back even further to around 2008. Sonny Moore was transitioning from leaving his old screamo band From First To Last and was venturing into the electronic world. At first he went simple by "Sonny", but then quickly became the moniker Skrillex that we know today. 

His first release under the name was appropriately called the My Name Is Skrillex EP, an EP that he put out for free on his Myspace page. This attracted the interest of Deadmau5 who in turn brought him on the road for his North American tour. 

Deadmau5 would go on to give Skrillex the ultimate co-sign by releasing his first studio EP Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites through his at the time new label Mau5trap. This release, mixed with the buzz Skrillex had been building with his seriously unique brand of bass music helped Skrillex catapult to the fore front of the electronic world. 8 of the 9 tracks occupied the top 10 spots on Beatport, which at the time and still to today is absolutely unheard of. 

Here's a very cool quote from back in 2010 to Beatport discussing the styles of the EP:

“I guess you could say that it’s a mixture of dubstep, electro-house, fidget"  

which Skrillex followed up with the even more interesting quote: 

“But I’m still only two releases into my career as Skrillex, so it could evolve into anything, really.”

The release has gone on to be very successful with the lead single "Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites" racking up over 2 million sales to date.

Now on the release's 5 year anniversary we take a look back at the game changing release, and some of the amazing content that came along with it. 

Stream Skrillex's "Scary Monster & Nice Sprites" in full here and enjoy.


Watch the nostalgic video for "Rock N' Roll"

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