Skrillex Shares Huge Teaser Trailer for 2 Upcoming Albums in 2023


It’s been a long, winding road for Skrillex fans in regard to speculation of his next studio album(s). His last full-length body of work, Recess, came out nearly an entire decade ago. Since then, he’s revealed several times in passing that he has been working on not one but two albums. It’s been a mystery, however, when we would ultimately see him release something.

On the very first day of 2023, Skrillex shared an animated video on all of his social channels, which featured his new logo along with a massive medley of unreleased music, each track just playing for a few seconds at a time. Among these are several IDs that Skrillex has been playing out at many of his surprise sets to close out 2022. The caption of the post reads, “QFF/DGTC 2023,” which could be acronyms for album titles. He also wiped his Instagram clean and updated a new profile photo.

We don’t know yet what QFF or DGTC truly stands for yet, but in October, Skrillex did post a tweet that read, “don’t get too close.”

Will the wait finally be over in 2023? It’s looking very likely.

You can check out the trailer clip below.