Rising Indie Duo slenderbodies Drop Delicate New ‘soraya’ EP


The sound of California based indie-pop duo slenderbodies is as refreshing as their lyricism. Max and Benji, who make up the pair, have delivered their brand new soraya EP today, and it sounds like a breath of fresh air.

The five-track project comes via indie tastemaking label Avant Garden, and according to a press release, is centered around the “powerful impact of all the influential women in their lives.” The music speaks for itself with a delicate aesthetic that tickles the back of your spine. The duo’s singing almost sounds like an ASMR sensation, with gentle vocals that sound like near whispers at times.

This new soraya EP is soothing and amiable, but also finds an appropriate groove at just the right moments. Give it a listen below and enjoy!

slenderbodies – soraya EP