Slow Magic Shines On Glossy New 4-Track EP, ‘Closer 2 U’

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Slow Magic’s brand new EP, Closer 2 U, is one to get pumping through your speakers ASAP. On just a four song EP, Slow Magic has created something that feels compelling, conceptual, cohesive, and polished.

The project kicks off with “Somewhere,” which features production help from recent breakout Shallou, as well as vocals from dream-pop duo Woven in Hiatus. The track absorbs the listener with some soothing vocal chops and glossy synths, creating a beautiful atmospheric vibe.

The title track “Closer 2 U” features Manilla Killa, another artist who has really been thriving as of late. This one builds up slowly with driving percussion and eerie synths, ultimately paying off when that powerful bass kicks in.

“Heartbeat / Helicopter” is a truly dynamic track, full of more vibrant sounds that bounce between powerful percussion, creating a nice groove that got us bobbing our heads.

“Wild” wraps up the project nicely while keeping the groove alive, while transitioning towards a calmer ambience. Slow Magic ties the synth-heavy project together with an 80s sounding synth oscillation, but keeps it feeling fresh and modern.

We were really impressed by the impeccable production value of this EP, and we can only hope for another full length project from an established producer that is capable of evolving. ​Closer 2 U​ is out now via ​Moving Castle​. Get ready for a ride. Stream it below and enjoy!

Slow Magic – Closer 2 U