SLUMBERJACK Recruit TWERL & Josh Pan For Moody New Single, “Pain”

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Perth-based electronic duo, SLUMBERJACK, have been building up a head of steam since they announced their forthcoming debut album, Dichotomy, earlier this year. Never shy of collaborating with the finest artists and producers in the game, they’ve recruited TWERL and Josh Pan for their latest single, “Pain.”

This trifecta super collab is as epic sounding as we expected it to be. They set the moody tone early with a swelling atmospheric build followed by some thunderous horns. Josh Pan’s gentle vibrato draws on some heavy Zhu influence and only further adds to the eerie, melancholic energy. As the track evolves, they introduce some nostalgic whirling synths and by the end, we’re fully drawn into the dark and hypnotizing production.

Stream the single below and enjoy!

SLUMBERJACK – Pain (Ft. TWERL & Josh Pan)