Smino, Monte Booker, Bari & Jay2 Drop Impressive New Single “Manegos” As Zero Fatigue Crew

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Quickly rising rapper Smino has become a favorite of ours with his incredible debut album blkswn as one of our favorite releases of the year so far and his next level live performances. He’s back with another new song “Manegos” as part of his three-man group Zero Fatigue that also includes Jay2 and Bari grabbing production from talented Soulection affiliate Monte Booker.  

Monte Booker has a knack of making some of the smoothest hip-hop production we’ve heard in a minute as he handled much of the production on Smino’s recent album and joined him on tour. “Manegos” is no different as it makes use of a airy instrumental setting the foundation for a very soulful collaboration. As usual, Smino impresses with his hybrid verse singing and rapping showing off both his intricate lyrical abilities and singing voice while both Bari and Jay2 both prove why they’re artists to be taking seriously. Stay tuned for more from this exciting group and enjoy!

Zero Fatigue - Manegos w/ Bari, Smino & Jay2 (produced by Monte Booker)