Watch SNAILS INSANE New Holographic Stage


We’ve seen some truly crazy stage production over the years. From Skrillex’s iconic mothership to Kanye’s floating stage, deadmau5's various cube productions and even Big Gigantic debuting their 3D visuals at Red Rocks a few weeks ago. Now Snails has stepped things up on his new Shell 2.0 tour, bringing some INSANE production with him.

Snails has unleashed some wild holographic visuals for his tour, with him standing behind what looks like a semi-transparent LED screen and in front of a second screen giving the stage more depth than your standard visuals. We’ve seen Eric Prydz do some holographic production and Flying Lotus had a similar setup with the transparent screen in the past, and now Snails is bringing his crazy visuals like never before. The actual animations are just straight mind-blowing using what looks like videogame scenes to bring his monstrous music to life. Check out the videos below, but those don’t do it justice as it’s something you just need to experience for yourself. Enjoy!