Snails Joins Forces With Wooli On Heavy New Bass-Packed Single “Snailephant”


It seems both Snails & Wooli have had a great deal of fun teasing this new monstrosity. Having joked about a Snail x Elephant project for quite some time, today the two have finally released their heavy new collaboration “Snailephant”.

With Wooli coming off his mammoth, well, Mammoth EP and Snails having just announced his SLIMEAGEDDON project on the way, the Snailephant duo couldn’t have chosen a better time to unleash this latest offering. Starting off with some slow ominous choral chants, the ancient Snailephant legend slowly unfolds, quickly whipping the track into an explosive dubstep drop filled with deep, guttural growls, shrill metallic screeches and powerful booming bass. Check out “Snailephant” below and catch Snails on his Shell 2.0 Tour in a city near you. Enjoy!

Snails & Wooli – Snailephant