SNAILS Unloads An Arsenal Of Weapons With ‘World Of Slime’ Remix EP

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You can’t talk about 2019 bass music without talking about SNAILS’ outrageous World Of Slime EP. The one-in-a-million project brought us massive bangers like “Jackhammer,” “RKO,” and “Snailclops,” and today the king snail has released an extra slimy remix EP for the legendary project.

World Of Slime Remixes features artists Bossfight, Effin, MVRDA & Samplifire, Leotrix, Modestep, Blunts & Blondes, FrostTop and Control Freak, all hand picked by SNAILS himself.  There’s something for everyone on this fresh collection of revamps. We’ve shown you Leotrix’s reckless riddim redo for “Tear It Up,” but can we offer you some head-smashing drum n’ bass with Effin’s “Grime Rate” remix? Or maybe you’d enjoy an unadulterated mind-melting with Control Freak’s “Snailphant VIP” dubstep flip. One thing is for sure, everything on the menu provides top tier bass.

After giving this compilation a listen, its too easy to see why SNAILS picked these eight studs for official remix duties. The originality and execution of these revamped ideas was bar none and they definitely did the vomitstep king right. Stream Snails World Of Slime Remixes EP below. Enjoy!

Snails – World Of Slime Remixes