PREMIERE | SoDown Breaks Down Genre Walls With Eclectic New Single “Alive”

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It’s impossible to narrow down SoDown’s style to a single genre. The saxophonist and bass producer has such a grand, vibrant sound that he himself has three categories by which he characterizes his music. This week, he’s releasing a SoChill track titled “Alive” that is a vivacious medley of dance music’s best elements.

The tune feels like a savory cocktail that is infused with jazz, bass, and house music. It features smooth, soulful vocals that glide over a snappy and bouncy beat like honey. Midway through, the sweet notes of the saxophone float in, followed by a heavy second drop and a small taste of bass. It’s an expansive electronic song that maintains a continuous groove while traveling through a myriad of sounds.

Here’s what SoDown had to say about the track:

Alive is a reminiscent song. Of times when we all got lost in the moment together, in music, in love, in adventure. I miss shows and festivals so much. I wrote this song as a love letter to different times, to times we spent together exploring the universe. One day soon we will be together again. Until then, bump this shit and fantasize about nights filled with adventure, music and love.

Along with the new music, he also announced this week that he’s doing a collab with Denver apparel company ATS and local street artist ILL.DES for a dope limited edition winter merch collection. You can pre-order some swag on his site here, and get an exclusive listen to “Alive” below before it drops on February 5. Enjoy!

SoDown – Alive | Presave