Colorado Producers SoDown & Bass Physics Team Up For A Nasty New Track & Video “Tension”

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We’re very excited to feature a friendly neighborhood collaboration from two local Colorado favorites, producers SoDown and Bass Physics, who have teamed up on a beastly new track “Tension.” The two have previously collaborated for an absolute banger, “Pull The Trigger,” and this track channels some of that same dark energy and sick sound design, further convincing us that we need more from these two. The track begins with a spooky vocal and goes into a rapid build up before dropping into a gritty, multi layered bass drop. For a track with that heavy edge, the track still flows nicely and charges up tons of energy with its switch ups.

The track also highlights some Southwestern influences, especially on an instrumental break that highlights each of the producers’ talents, as SoDown is pretty handy with the saxophone, and Bass Physics can shred the guitar. They make a pretty powerful and talented team, and we’re loving the unique sounds that these two have come up with. This track is out now, check out the video in the stream below. Enjoy!

SoDown x Bass Physics – Tension