SoDown Drops Versatile, Bass-Heavy Compilation, ‘Alive’


Here in Colorado, we’re very proud to boast a batch of bass artists that constantly step outside the box and deliver unique and versatile music. One of those artists, the Boulder-based SoDown, has just dropped his new compilation album, and you need to get your ears on it. It’s titled Alive and we cannot stop listening.

Alive contains 10 bass-focused tracks that range from soulful to gritty, and sometimes both at the same time. Some of these tunes are upbeat and catchy, and some will send you into a dubstep-laced tailspin. Equipped with his saxophone on many tracks as well, SoDown also brings the element of live instrumentation to this project. Overall, Alive ends up as a very well-rounded body of work that is appropriate for at-home listening or raging to at a concert.

We’re also stoked to see SoDown collaborating with other artists who are beloved in the Colorado scene such as Kill Paris, Manic Focus, and Bass Physics.

SoDown is currently on a large US tour! If you want to see if you can catch him in a city near you, follow this link here.

You can stream SoDown’s awesome new compilation album below. Enjoy!

SoDown – Alive