SoDown Will Make You ‘Get Up’ On Reggae-Fueled Bass EP

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Saxophone-playing, heavy bass producer, SoDown, has created one of the more signature styles of funky, dub-focused music we can think of. His versatility is unmatched and he’s even coined his own genres, SoHeavy, SoGroovy, and SoChill. Today, he’s making his presence known once again with his latest EP, Get Up.

If we were going to categorize this three-track EP, I’d say this one definitely falls in the SoHeavy category with tinges of reggae dub influence. The title track, a collaboration with Canadian producer, Defunk, is a synth-forward, reggae-fueled bass heater that will make your speakers happy. “Badboi Sound” features some pitched dancehall vocals over a massive, vibrant dubstep anthem filled with colossal synths and stadium-filling drums. “Serious Dub” uses the same style vocals while SoDown rips through his classic saxophone-led, bass-fueled production.

Stream the EP below and enjoy!

SoDown – Get Up