SOFI TUKKER’s Highly Anticipated Sophomore Album ‘WET TENNIS’ Is Finally Here

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After a long four-year wait, SOFI TUKKER have released their sophomore album. WET TENNIS is an acronym for the motto “When Everyone Tries To Evolve, Nothing Negative Is Safe.” This is fitting for the persona the duo has established for themselves: a tour de force of positivity and embracing the fun parts of life.

WET TENNIS features the same house beats that shot SOFI TUKKER to acclaim, but with a far more global touch this time around. Between “Kakee,” sung entirely in Portuguese, and the collabs “Forgive Me” with Turkish producer Mahmut Orhan and “Mon Cheri” with West African duo Amadou & Mariam, WET TENNIS does a brilliant job incorporating SOFI TUKKER’s appreciation for music across the world.

As usual, SOFI TUKKER expertly balance sentimentality with high octane house bangers. For every intense dance track, a softer one follows. Look no further than the tropicália, bass-heavy “Larry Bird,” which pairs nicely with the yearning, emotion-driven “Hold.”

There’s no doubt we’ll be hearing “Summer in New York” everywhere soon. Not only is it an ode to the serendipity of New York, but it also includes a fun twist on the hook from “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega, a cover of which is currently going mega-viral on TikTok. But even this guaranteed hit doesn’t automatically take the title of best track. Also in competition for it is the title track. “Wet Tennis” is a triumphant anthem featuring full New Orleans style horns, with a beat reminiscent of “Purple Hat.”  “Freak,” which blends guitar, sitar, and breakbeat to thrilling effect, is also a sneaky contender. Rounding out the album is the delightful “Sun Came Up” rave track that tech house phenom John Summit makes an appearance on.

Make sure to listen to WET TENNIS below. Enjoy!