Soulection Drops Incredibly Chill 10-Track Compilation “UNITE.” Donating Proceeds To Hurricane Relief Efforts

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The progressive, LA-based collective Soulection have compiled a 10-song package titled UNITE which has been released with a philanthropic motive, donating all proceeds to hurricane relief efforts.

“The Soulection family has come together to give back and support those who have been affected in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Dominica and Mexico. 100% of proceeds will be given to Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund and Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund through Global Giving. Donations will be raised for two weeks, so feel free to share and support.”

Not only is the package from Soulection a big-hearted humanitarian effort, but is also full of some incredible tracks from some of our favorite Soulection affiliates. With contributions from the likes of Ta-ku, monte booker, esta. and many others, UNITE is super laidback and forward-thinking… A vibe that Soulection nails every time. Make sure to support UNITE below enjoy!

Soulection – UNITE Compilation | Download / Donate

monte booker — SILVER
AbJo — BlessU (featuring PRVDNT & JR Jarris)
Ta-ku — Talk Less
Jarreau Vandal — Kombucha Burps
Naji — Day 1
Da-P — Can You
Sángo — Hermosa
Melodiesinfonie — Yallah
esta. — VELOUR
Mars Today — High Stakes