Sound Remedy Is Uploading New Music To SoundCloud Every Week

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For many, Sound Remedy is a name that brings back loads of nostalgia from the mid-2010s golden era of EDM. The Las Vegas-based producer has begun 2021 with a goal to release new music on his SoundCloud every Monday, and so far we’re loving what we’re hearing from the beloved producer.

Today, he’s uploaded a new song called “Long Game.” This one falls in line with the two other previously released tracks of the year, “Ice Gleam” and “A New Way,” all of which are housey grooves that focus on warm, euphoric vibes and dreamy synths.

We’re eager to see if Sound Remedy can keep this up for the entirety of 2021! If so, we can’t wait to hear all the different types of genres he dives into.

You can check out the three tracks he’s uploaded so far below. Enjoy!

Sound Remedy – Long Game

Sound Remedy – Ice Gleam

Sound Remedy – A New Way