Space Laces Switches Things Up On Hard-Hitting Bass House Single “Kaiju”

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If you’ve been keeping up with bass music, you definitely know that Space Laces has been absolutely killing it in the dubstep world lately (think “Throwin’ Elbows”). From hard-hitting tracks like “Bugbass” to insane collabs with Snails and Excision, today the Louisville-based producer has impressed us yet again with a brand new single, titled, “Kaiju”.

As the word Kaiju refers to monsters from ancient Japanese legend (or contemporarily, the movie Pacific Rim), this latest bass-monstrosity couldn’t have been given a more appropriate name. It seems Space Laces has switched things up a bit with his sound though, as characterized by shrill, metallic screeches, abrasive growls and pulsing bass over a 4/4 kick, the first half of the track has a distinctive bass-house vibe to it. Although anecdotally Space Laces comes off as comical and sometimes seems like a 3D personification of a meme, in listening to the tracks outro…we’re happy to see that nothing’s changed. Check out “Kaiju” below and enjoy!

Space Laces – Kaiju