Mysterious Rapper Spark Master Tape Delivers Hard-Hitting 20-Track Project ‘SEVEN SEKKONDS OF SILENCE’

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With anonymous artists being everywhere in 2018, Spark Master Tape is one that actually makes sense and is undoubtedly one of our favorite rappers. Similar to the likes of MF Doom, the enigmatic rapper raps from the perspective of a fictional comic book villain type of character, a character that would be ruined if there was a known identity behind the music. His sound is unique as he utilizes pitched-down vocals for the entirety of his raps, and does so in a way that never gets old or overused. For those of you unfamiliar, don’t worry we made a Catch Up Guide.

Spark Master Tape always goes hard. His next level production courtesy of his right hand man Paper Platoon always keeps us on our toes, and this time is no different. Everything about Spark Master Tape is mysterious, so it’s not exactly surprising he would drop a 2 disc album titled SEVEN SEKKONDS OF SILENCE during the middle of the Super Bowl. Spark always goes hard on his releases, and this one is no different. The pitched-down vocals take a front seat aside the eclectic production, showing some versatility from his past releases.

However, we hear a new side to him on disc 2, taking a much more soulful direction with tons of vocal contributions by, Flmmboiint Frdiii, who could very well be Spark himself. Either way, we're loving it. Stay tuned for more and enjoy!