Step Inside FKJ’s Lush Studio via New Mini-Documentary


One of the best reasons to follow FKJ on social media is to get little glimpses of his amazing music studio. The location appears to be very remote and located within a lush forest somewhere tropical. We got a good look at it during his Ylang Ylang performance video back in 2020.

Today, FKJ offers another peek inside his creative space by way of a new mini-documentary about the making of his new album, V I N C E N T. The video shows FKJ playing all different types of instruments around the studio while audio of him answering vague interview questions plays.

The album is set to drop on Friday, June 10. We’ve already gotten a few brilliant singles, such as “Greener,” “Way Out,” and “A Moment of Mystery.”

You can check out the full mini-documentary about the making of FKJ’s new album below. Enjoy!

FKJ – V I N C E N T “In The Making”