Steve Darko Provides Entrancing Tech-House Grooves On Debut Album ‘Midnight Swim’

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It’s not too often we get to talk about a full length album from a house producer, but Dirtybird Records mainstay Steve Darko‘s new album has delivered some prime listening material. An aficionado of trippy and techy house music, Darko’s debut album Midnight Swim is a seamless construction of deep grooves and out-of-the-box house experimentation. Coming in at 14-tracks and over an hour long, the album is an incredible exploration of the unique sound design and song construction that make Darko such a captivating and innovative artist.

Carefully layering in all sorts of synthesizers and samples on each track, Steve has created a collection of songs that stay fresh from start to finish.  From mystifying and entrancing tunes like “Oohs and Arps” and “Dominical” to deep, tech-house sizzlers like “Smooth Like Butter” and “On My Own,” and even the atmospheric bass of “Euclidian Dreams,” this album is an exceptional example of the sonic scope that Steve can reach while maintaining a cohesive sound.

Tech-house lovers that are growing bored of the same old basslines are going to want to dive deep into this album. Check it out in the stream below. Enjoy!

Steve Darko – Midnight Swim