Premiere | Marian Hill’s Sax Player Steve Davit Shares Horn Driven Experimental Single “Forward”

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Just recently we had the pleasure of introducing Steve Davit's solo project with his debut single "Forward." Now the Marian Hill saxophone player is back with another amazing, unique track titled "Coniferous."

As you'd expect from the incredibly talented sax player, there's a lot of sax in this song. He places different horn lines alongside one another in a way that they effortlessly play off each other in a playful and harmonious manor. Davit shows an incredible ear for songwriting as he interlays uplifting melodies and crisp percussion alongside the infectious horns while "Coniferous" builds and changes throughout, never feeling repetitive. There's a lot going on throughout the song, but Davit brings each texture and instrumental piece together in an effortless, cohesive way. We haven't really heard anything else like this and are very excited to hear what he has in store for us down the road. Enjoy!

Steve Davit – Coniferous