Stevedreez Serves Up Groovy New EP ‘DIAL TONE’


Born in Japan and currently based in Virginia, Stevedreez draws from a wide variety of inspiration when making his own music. The rising producer’s eccentric style has only played to his advantage, as he continues to break new ground with every new release.

Impeccably smooth – two words to precisely summarize Steevdreez’s new EP, DIAL TONE. Between melodic choices, chordal variety, and pocketed beats, Steve hits the nail on the head with this funky five-track collection. We would highly recommend disco, soul, and funk lovers give this record a spin – you won’t regret it.

Steve shared this message upon releasing his EP:

In this EP are scenes of my reflection of love and communication. I remind myself of all of the feelings that you get when meeting that special person. I see each record as a movie scene in a sense, where I replay certain situations I have been in. I feel like this is something that everyone goes through when balancing emotions, love tendencies and relationships.

You can stream DIAL TONE at the link below, out everywhere via Juliet Records. Enjoy!

Stevedreez – DIAL TONE