Still Woozy Puts Forth Triumphant, Vulnerable Sophomore Album ‘Loveseat’


We’ve never met a Still Woozy song that we didn’t immediately fall in love with. Since his debut album was released almost 3 years ago, we’ve been eagerly anticipating his next project. Out now, Loveseat is a genre-bending triumph of experimental sounds and raw songwriting.

With this album, Still Woozy bursts out of the lo-fi bedroom pop bubble. While there’s still plenty of that goodness on tracks like “Shotput,” the production on Loveseat is his most ambitious to date. We hear experimental hip-hop drum lines on “All Your Life,” psychedelic dance rhythms on “Shit Don’t Change,” and a full-blown piano power ballad with “Rid Of Me.” But mostly, this album embraces gritty rock ‘n roll. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear a song like “Little Things” on a Red Hot Chili Peppers album, and “Big Fish,” even sounds like a chopped up version of a Beatles song.

Despite all these seemingly disparate elements, this album still feels cohesive, mainly thanks to its lyrical vulnerability. A lot has changed since Still Woozy’s last album came out: he got married and earlier this year welcomed a baby in his family. Thematically, this album reflects a lot of this: the anxiety and doubt of being a first-time parent, coupled with the joy and deep love that his family brings him.

Make sure to give Loveseat a listen below. Enjoy!

Still Woozy – Loveseat