[PREMIERE] Su Na Releases Dreamy R&B Single “Tell Me” Featuring Ravyn Lenae

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25 year old producer/artist Alec Ness has been making music under the alias su na, and working on Ableton since he was 15 years old. From a young age, Ness was always passionate about music but was limited by being born with all of his fingers ending at the first knuckle. This led to him becoming ambidextrous and honing in on his percussion skills. He’s since become a certified Ableton instructor following his university education in music composition and has developed his own sound. 

su na’s forthcoming Surface EP is due June 3 and today we have the pleasure of premiering his latest single “Tell Me” featuring 17 year old female vocalist Ravyn Lenae. The gentle, lush soundscapes and dreamy, swirling melodies float atop the softly shuffling percussion allowing for Lenae’s alluring vocals to shine in all the right moments. “Tell Me” packs a passionate sound that has us curiously awaiting the Surface EP in its entirety. Stream below and enjoy!

Su Na – Tell Me (feat. Ravyn Lenae) | Free Download