Lane 8 Takes Sultan + Shepard’s “nCTRL” For Progressive Spin With New Remix

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Back when Sultan + Shepard dropped “nCTRL” in March, house fans went haywire. Many had been waiting for the song to come out since Lane 8 played it during his sunrise stream a few months back, and so this news is going to be music to everyone’s ears. The legend has put his own groovy spin on it for a sensational remix that was released yesterday on his label This Never Happened, as part of Sultan + Shepard’s remix EP. 

The combination of these artists’ sounds makes for a match made in heaven. The “nCTRL” remix has an ethereal beginning, with shimmering chords and a slow, crawling build that lets you know you’re in for a true heater. Lane 8 takes their four-minute techno-inspired tune and fleshes it out into over seven minutes, infusing the track with a smooth yet powerful progressive tempo and breathing bouncy energy into an already vibrant song. 

You can listen to his version below. Enjoy!

Sultan + Shepard – nCTRL (Lane 8 Remix)