PREMIERE | Sunsquabi Bring The Funk On Live Electronic Album Single “Night Moth”


Sunsquabi have done it again! The Colorado-based, live electronic trio have been at the intersection of jam bands and electronic music for years and show no signs of slowing down. With the ability to infuse funky instrumentation with electronic production, Sunsquabi seem to have no bounds and showcase this with their latest single “Night Moth” that we have the pleasure of premiering.  

“Night Moth is the peak of the metamorphosis and really represents the transformation we have gone through as a band over the last year. The song began as an improvisational idea in Madison, WI while on tour. Over time the song took form to what the studio version is today, changing shape and structure many times. This idea was really what spawned the rest of the upcoming album.” – Kevin Donohue of Sunsquabi 

Sunsquabi have a full-length album on the way with “Night Moth” wrapping up their series of singles including “Caterpillar” and “Chrysalis.” As we’ve come to expect from Sunquabi, the song is filled with shredding guitar riffs, funky basslines and crisp percussion with just the right touch of production elements. The trio has been steadily improving with each release and display their uncanny chemistry once again as we patiently await the full album. They're on tour right now as well, see dates below and enjoy!

Sunsquabi – Night Moth

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