PREMIERE | Rising Artist Super Duper Shines On Irresistible, Dreamy New Song “Vessels To You”


Rising artist Super Duper is just killing it right now. It seems he can do no wrong and we can't wait to see how he progresses from here. The talented producer has been on a hot streak lately as he returns with another infectious new song "Vessels To You" that we have the pleasure of premiering today. This follows up his recent single "Horizons" we premiered as he continues to show off his dreamy sound we can't get enough of. 

"Something very spiritual happened when I started writing this song. The vocals were a complete accident…meant to select and play a synth pad and instead I played chords using a vocal chops sampler I created and it made the jumbled vocals you hear now…just hearing that one little piece got me really excited. Then the main lead melody on the chorus came about randomly when I was looking for more synth chords to lay down…I would have never selected this kind of synth sound but it fit the mood perfectly for some reason. The rest of the song came together effortlessly…all within 2 hours which might not seem like that much of a surprise since it's a fairly simple song but there was no second guessing or hitting a wall. And once I exported the song I didn't spend much more time on it at all. I wanted it to feel a bit raw and in-the-moment so it feels closer to its initial spark. Too much polish and editing might have made it something else so I left it as is and that's what you hear now." - Super Duper

Super Duper has a unique sound on each of his releases that showcase his knack for lush sound design paired with irresistible melodies and expertly placed vocal chops all coming together for an uplifting style we can't get enough of. Super duper is on tours with Kasbo and Petite Biscuit this fall so be sure to catch him if you can. Keep an eye on Super Duper and enjoy!

Super Duper – Vessels To You